Holiday dessert for autism diet

It is that time of year when parties, gatherings and family events can put a strain on all of us autism parents.  They tend to be overwhelming for our kids and therefore overwhelming for us. There are few strategies that I employ to make the holiday easier on us all.  First, I talk with host ahead of time to see what the environment will be like.  Will there be movies, music, smelly foods? How many people will be there and is there a quiet space we can stake out in their home in case we need an area to decompress? I always travel with my child's high reward or favorite foods, so they don't feel stresses about eating strange or unfamiliar foods.  All of this sounds a bit antisocial so my solution has always been to just bring our own delicious food to any event so that my child and everyone can enjoy, even people not on any special diet.   One of my go to dessert hits is raw cheesecake. It's so creamy and rich that everyone will enjoy it and it is a decadent treat for my child as well!  A treat that won't lead to a meltdown that is!  My recipe is all natural, naturally sweetened, and rich in antioxidants, fiber and chocolaty goodness.  Yum! Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

Chocolate Cheesecake.png